Hi. I'm Amy Lynn, and my hope is that as you peruse my little space you not only find art that brings joy to your home, but that you take time to read my story and you leave here a little more in awe of your creator.


Christmas Pine Tree

free shipping 

on orders $25 or more

Christmas Tree Ornament
Steve and Alice... feeling festive!
5" x 5" prints with an original hand stippled ornament

While supplies last!




Thousands of dots

laid down in patterns of whimsy,

creating stark crisp images of both flora and fauna.

DSC_1500 (1).jpg

$10 off

plus free shipping

plus free shipping



Sweet little note cards

to add to gifts, packages

or just to tuck

somewhere to say, 

"I was thinking about you."

original art

This little corner of the shop

is always changing; 

from handpainted

watercolor botanicals, 

mini-acrylic seascapes,

hand dotted stipple pieces,

to large acrylic abstracts.

You just never know what you will find!

 my story